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EdenSkin products offer the power of prescription strength with the safety of natural, non-prescription formulas. Effective herbal ingredients soothe away discomfort while making irritated, dry, itchy, and scaly or flaky skin a thing of the past. These powerful products gently nourish and replenish the skin. EdenSkin will help you get (back) the skin you've been dreaming of. So go ahead, join the many people who have been using EdenSkin products and who no longer have to cover up their unsightly skin.

EdenSkin Unique Formulas

How They Work

EdenSkin products are safe and powerful non-prescription products, specially formulated for the treatment of skin conditions characterized by one or several of the following symptoms: irritated, itchy, red, extremely dry or oily-dry skin, thick scaly or flaky skin. EdenSkin products are composed of exotic fruit and plant extracts that are easily absorbed by the skin...

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